About - Kathryn Greer - La Bijouterie 


Art glass beads and jewellery, handmade with love in France.

All jewellery, by the French brand and artist Kathryn Greer, is handmade with love in France.

Always inspired by nature, Kathryn creates delicate floral jewellery for modern women like herself who juggle their busy every day lives like a warrior, between work, family and friends.

From the creation of the flowers and glass beads, to the jewellery-making with sterling silver and fine stones, Kathryn takes care of every single step of the process while working from her workshop near Paris, France. Every single piece of jewellery is unique, even among a limited edition.

Every season comes with a new collection, organized in two lines:
- Les Remarquables, which means The Remarkables in French: special limited edition jewellery, with 5 to 10 pieces max per model. Once they are gone, that's it!
- Les Acolytes, the French way of saying The Side-Kicks: pretty discreet pieces of jewellery, made-to-order for the duration of the season only. Perfect to accompany your every move!

We hope you find a piece of jewellery to help you showcase the extraordinary woman you really are!

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