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Strolls in the forest, hikes in the countryside, English or Japanese inspired gardens... All details in nature can be the inspiration behind a new collection. Each flower, foliage, little critter  are intriguing for their refinement, various construction, their colours and mouvements. 

It is the challenge of reproducing all these tiny details in glass that fascinates me and makes me happy every day in the workshop.

The jewellery

A piece of jewelry is not just a simple accessory, it represents who you are and your values. If you are here and you like my work, you may be a romantic soul! You love delicate things, nature and poetry of flowers. Created with multiple gestures acquired over several years of practice and transmission, quality pieces fascinate you with their history and their uniqueness. You carefully choose unique and precious jewelry that you can wear all your life and pass on to future generations.

I personally take care of all the stages of creation in my workshop in France, near Paris.

Once upon a time...

All new collections begin with a dose of inspiration and a first drawing. Seasonal flowers are carefully selected to create a floral harmony achievable in glass. I am very careful to maintain a good balance between the different sizes of flowers and the dosage of each color, depending on whether we want a rather discreet or imposing floral universe.

Very often, a new collection allows you to make a new flower or a new butterfly for example, which always broadens my technical skills and allows me to always offer you new poetic bouquets!

The glassworking workshop

Once satisfied with the drawn bouquet, preparations of glass are often necessary: ​​I create ahead the smaller insects and certain parts of the flowers at my torch, generally the details which need to be really tiny!

After the individual creation of the smallest glass elements, I can finally make the glass beads and cabochons. It is at this stage that the romantic bouquets take shape at the torch with many techniques acquired over the years! I combine various techniques of applying dots and strands of glass fine like a hair, as well as the preparations mentioned above to create the complete flowers inside the beads and final glass cabochons.

All the pieces of glass are finally annealed in a specialized kiln in order to bring them to room temperature while maintaining their solidity over the long term.

The jewellery-making workshop

Next, we move to the jeweler's workbench! It is here that I select the best pieces of glass and work with precious metal to form a beautiful frame for our bouquets of glass. In order to highlight the delicate and complex glass flowers, I like to stick to simple, chic and elegant silver frames.

The pieces of glass are measured and weighed, then the work on sterling silver begins: we start with precise measurements and fine lines on the metal plates, which are then sawn, soldered, filed and sanded, before being polished and cleaned in a warm ultrasonic bath.

Kathryn Greer, the designer and maker

You have probably understood: each little flower linked to this jewelry brand was made by me! I have been working with glass since 2004 and jewelry of all kinds for much longer. Originally Irish and settled in France since 1994, having grown up and lived in the countryside most of my life, my fascination for flowers and nature is not a surprise!

My beads and jewelry have been available for sale since 2006, but I also spent the first years of my adult life studying and working in the computing field. Now, I continue with an occasional freelance mission, even if the majority of my time is dedicated to your jewelry.

In my opinion, we never have enough colors in our life,  so in 2007 I also became a European glass supplier for my glassworking colleagues: Glassworks France. After many requests, I also developed glassworking classes to allow you to learn how to create your own flowered glass beads.