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Mariée avec bijoux Kathryn Greer

Dear future bride,

First of all, congratulations on your big event! We know all to well that organising weddings is no easy task, but the result will leave you with wonderful memories all your life.

We can relieve tou of one little part of the organisation: the jewellery! Vous have most likely planned for elegant bouquets for the big day and appreciate their colour theme or type of flowers. We custom make bridal jewellery for your big day. More specifically, we create jewellery which match the atmosphere or flowers of your wedding.

Our services include designing and creating your own unique, elegant and romantic jewellery set, for you as the bride, but also for the bridal team. Why not give beautiful jewellery as souvenirs to your bridesmaids and witnesses to thank them for their involvement? Also, the men are not left aside as we can make matching cufflinks.

Made in France: every step from the designing to the creation take place in our single workshop in France.

Begin designing your jewellery now or contact us at [email protected]!