Romantic botanical glass jewellery

Luxury handcraft since 2004

Bespoke handcrafted jewelery

Once upon a time

Our lives are dotted with many dear moments and, behind each of my floral jewellery designs, there is a beautiful story, one of your precious memories.

It could be your mother’s favorite plants, which you chose together, or it could be your children’s birth flowers. Maybe it’s the carefully picked posies your partner gave you on your first date or the blooms you will have on your wedding day.

Speaking of which, even if you are already married, why not have a bespoke jewellery piece made with the tiny glass version of your bridal bouquet?


Floral Bridal Jewelery

Beautiful memories of a lifetime

These fairytale worthy designs are crafted to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones, or even your own.

The precious memories behind all my keepsake jewellery pieces make them meaningful and will remind you of that special day as long as it is at your reach.

Whether it’s yours, or for someone else, each piece of jewellery will be worn an entire lifetime and will tell your story for generations to come.


Kathryn Greer

Handcrafted with love in France, by Kathryn Greer

I create tiny poetic glass flowers, which are then set in elegant sterling silver, using multiple glassworking and silversmithing techniques, acquired over several years of experience.

I have been working with glass since 2004 and jewellery of all kinds for much longer. Originally Irish and settled in the French countryside since 1994, my fascination for flowers and nature does not come as a surprise.

Inspiration is a magical thing that can sprout from anywhere, at anytime. A regular source is our beautiful cottage-style garden, which I really enjoy tending to on a daily basis. I also find inspiration from other artists, including botanical photographers such as Janne L. Ford for example.

My best designs actually come from you! The specific flowers you request to be made in glass give me the occasion to develop new techniques et varieties to add to your future bouquets.

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